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Rabbi Charles and Mrs Libby Owsianka

Joey Gilbert of I KNOW AT TAX GUY just finished preparing my personal tax return.  I watched him with awe!  He knows all the ways to save me money on my taxes.  He is efficient and accurate and and full of empathy.  As if he was preparing the taxes for himself and family.  I will easily refer him to all who will listen.  

 Rabbi Charles and Mrs Libby Owsianka 


Janine - Film Producer from Brooklyn

Joey Gilbert has been doing my taxes since 1999 (before some of you were born! HA :) He is excellent, particularly if you’re a creative type and plan to do business or itemized deductions. There have been many times that I haven’t realized I could deduct this or that expense and he has helped me to get a bigger refund than I otherwise would have.   Every penny counts these days! ; ) 

If you need a Tax Man, Joey’s your guy!  

Janine H

Mickey - Environmental Engineer from White Plains

Joey Gilbert is my brother, and has  been doing my taxes  since I began working over 25  years ago.  He’s got a degree in accounting, was a CPA for one of the big firms for five years, and has done private clients and his own company’s accounting for the past twenty years.  He's up to speed on this year's tax changes, and has all the tools to maximize your refund.   I trust him completely and would never use anyone else for my taxes.  I am very happy to recommend Joey and I Know a Tax Guy to handle all of your accounting and tax needs.

Mick G

Al from NYC telling his friend that He Knows a Tax Guy


Dear T:

Hey man, the time, she flies by! 

I wanted to send you the contact information for my friend and tax guy, Joey Gilbert. Joey runs a business, but he has always done tax returns for friends and family, as he was a CPA for the biggest of the big accounting firms back in the day. Anyway, this year Joey has turned his side gig into his full time focus for tax season.   

I don't think I can do justice to how beneficial Joey has been for Sharon and me.  The nice part about being in the middle class is...being in the middle class. The down side is a huge tax liability, with many favorable deductions going away because of income restrictions.  And this year, the tax code has changed in a myriad of ways.

In your case, your business is potentially a way to swing things in a big way.  Call Joey and you can thank me later.


Steve - Attorney from Brooklyn spreading the word on Facebook

For those who asked and those who need....

You need a guy, I know a guy. Iknowataxguy.com. 

The only two accountants I have ever and will ever use.
My brother Daniel and cousin Joey Gilbert.  Up on all the new tax laws and extensive experience dealing with the IRS.  Let us celebrate your savings/refunds together.  

Steve E

Jerielle - Actress from Pittsburgh telling everybody!


Okay people, it's that time of year again...who wants to do taxes!!!???? Me either. That's why I let Joey do mine! I've known Joey Gilbert for nearly 16 years - and he's done my taxes for at least half that time. Throughout the years as a performer - with many freelance odd jobs - I've always breathed a HUGE sigh of relief once Joey works his magic and am most often surprised to be receiving a refund rather than owing! Of course things are different this year with the new tax laws but how are you gonna figure those out? I know a guy.....

A straight 1040 will start at $250 and go up depending on what gets added. Add another $100-$150 for a schedule C depending on complexity and more for additional schedules that take significant time. These prices include filing State and Federal taxes. Please click through to his website and give him a call.   Please share with your family and friends in need!

Sarah GalliWriter. Producer. Bravoholic.Host, Andy’s Girls www.sarahgalli.com@sarahgalli


Hi Robin, Responding to you and the full WIN List in case anyone else is looking for a CPA recc. Joey Gilbert is beyond phenomenal, he truly cares about all of his clients and invests so much time breaking down information, and explaining how to best operationalize lots of different tax needs.  
Feel free to use my name if you reach out. I genuinely adore him, and am so grateful I was referred to him by a professional contact. He’s truly the best: https://iknowataxguy.com/Sarah   Sarah GalliWriter. Producer. Bravoholic.Host, Andy’s Girls www.sarahgalli.com@sarahgalli

Deb - World Traveler


"In 2016, I moved back to the U.S. after a long time abroad, only to discover that the accountant my family and I had entrusted with our taxes while I was gone had made some VERY expensive mistakes. I called my brother-in-law, who I knew had some financial expertise, and he referred me to his best friend, Joey. 

I'm a words gal, not a numbers gal, but Joey broke everything down for me in a way that was clear and helpful, without making me feel like an idiot. He cleaned up the mess that other tax guy left behind, and has been doing my taxes ever since. Now I'm proud to say I know not just any tax guy, but a great tax guy!" 

-- Deb S. 

Barry - Super Dad

Joey provided great service and took care of us in a very professional way.  I recommend I Know a Tax Guy to do your taxes.

Barry S

Talya - Programmer and Happy New Client

Thank you so much, Joey!

I really appreciate your quick responses and great work!  I'll be in touch next year.

Talya L

Siwat - Beverage Manufacturer

 Joey provided wonderful service for my both my personal and corporate tax returns. Joey was knowledgeable,  fast and very professional. His knowledge in both personal and corporate tax returns allowed for a smooth and quick filing.  I highly recommend I Know a Tax Guy to anyone interested in filing their tax returns.

Siwat S 

Rebecca - Lawyer

Joey and Daniel - 

Thanks for your help again this year.   You really made filing quick and easy.  See you next year!



Jasmine - Returning Client

Hi Daniel,

Thanks again for a great meeting yesterday and all of your help.  I am so glad that I got your email and am having you do my taxes again!

Jasmine W

Greyson and Oliva - NYC City Actors, Newlyweds and 1st Time I KNOW A TAX GUY Clients


My Wife and I are not so great with understanding taxes as newlyweds and actors.  Joey and his team helped us figure out how to get the biggest refund as married couple and as actors.  They do amazing work and are very detailed and connected to their clients which made the whole process a lot less stressful for my wife and I.

Joey!  Once again thank you for an amazing job!   You undercharged us for your work so we are sending you more than you billed.  Keep the additional money and we will send anyone looking for a tax guy your way!  

No matter your age or occupation,  we strongly recommend Joey and I KNOW A TAX GUY to do your taxes. 

Warm Regards,

Greyson and Olivia