Copy or PDF of Prior Two Years of Tax Returns (for new clients only)

Type of Entity:

  • What type of entity is the business?  
  • Corporation, S Corporation, Partnership, Multi-Member LLC, Single member LLC
  • State of formation


  • Does the business have any books/records?  (quick books/spreadsheets, etc)
  • Bank Statements for the year – at minimum December 31st statements
  • Any credit card statements for the year?
  • Copy of quickbooks or accounting software files – if applicable

If Initial Year of Business

  • Business Formation Documents
  • EIN #
  • Articles of Incorporation/Organization

For S Corporations & LLC’s

  • Names/address/Social Security numbers of Owners
  • Ownership % Allocation

Brief description of the business:

  • How does business make money?
  • Any unique situations for this business?

Payroll Tax Returns/Sales Tax Returns

  • Does the business file payroll tax returns?
  • Does the business file sales tax returns?

Banking information:

  • Voided check or Bank name/routing number/account number
  • For tax payments

Estimated tax payments:

  • Any estimated tax payments that were paid during the year for current year taxes  - please provide some confirmation of payments.

Any other relevant tax related items