Frequently Asked Questions


Can I email you my tax information

Yes, you can safely and securely email us all of your tax information.  We will be able to complete your return using the information and by following up over the the phone and by email.   


How much will my return cost?

The price of the tax return depends on the amount of work required to complete it and the number of schedules involved.   The basic 1040 begins at $250 which includes completion and efiling of State and Federal returns.  


What do I need to prepare for you to complete my taxes?

The following items are necessary in order for us to complete your return:

- Copy of Prior Year Tax Return,

- Copy of Front and Back of your drivers license

- Copies of all of your 1099's,  W-2's and K-1's

- List/Spreadsheet of all Business Revenue and Expenses

- Life changes since the prior year's taxes 

 ie. married, children, moving, job changes

For a complete list of items to prepare for personal and business returns, click below.